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Rooster Horoscope 2011

Those born with Rooster zodiac sign are very good time managers. They are responsible people who perform their duties with utmost dedication and commitment. Rooster Chinese horoscope 2011 says that they say whatever they have in their heart. This nature of theirs is often considered to be blunt. Rooster people are also very good with numbers. This may be one reason why most of you achieve success in finance.

The Chinese New Year 2011 will mark the starting of a new relationship for Rooster people. Those looking out for proposing someone special should not waste much of their time and ask her right away.

Social acquaintances of Rooster people will increase a lot owing to their joining various clubs and attending professional parties. At work, rooster people are sure to make a mark as per the Rooster horoscope 2011. You people will be looking out various investment options. You should try and invest in property for better long term returns. Those investing in stocks need to be extra cautious during the second quarter of 2011.

Rooster females might have to face some health issues in the middle of the year. Donít underestimate even a small problem related to health. Practice yoga and go out for walks to keep you healthy. Rooster males also might face health problems in the last part, says the Rooster Chinese 2011 horoscope.

Shifting of jobs for better career avenues is also foreseen in the first half of the year.

We through wish for your great year!

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